Customer Service Training Adamsvale

Customer Service Training For Adamsvale

An engaging customer service training course to develop and fine-tune customer service skills, with half-day or one-day training options available.
Each and every contact between you and the client is vital. This course can allow you to understand the basic principles of good customer service practices, whether you communicate with customers in person, on the phone or via email.
Most customer service training emphasises skills and behaviors. These are important. However, delivering the best possible customer service — maintaining your customer retention high — requires more than basic training, it requires cultural change.
This program provides tools and skills to create memorable service experiences leading to customer loyalty and successful customer centric organisations.

The Outline:

  • Body language skills
  • Communicate effectively with your customers via email, telephone, and in person.
  • Delight the Customer by Exceeding their Expectations
  • How to handle the inherent frustrations of heavy client contact
  • How we ‘manage’ our customers
  • Nature of client service – the facts and the myths
  • Review recruitment practices to ensure you hire the ideal front-line staff.
  • The lifetime value of existing clients
  • What makes customers stay, and the reasons they leave

About This Customer Service Training Session

As you discuss the various skills and techniques, you will draw from your own personal and varied experiences to share elements of challenge and reward. Consider this course as a re-energizing time to construct and expand from where you are now.
Our focus is on you, and we will deliver a customer service training workshop that’s just what your company needs.
This one-day course investigates the essence of truly exceptional customer service, providing the skills to react to customer and customer needs.
We’ll provide you valuable know-how on a wide assortment of topics like organizing your desk, appropriate email etiquette, dealing with tough customers, and how customer service will make your company excel.

This session could be conducted on site at Adamsvale.