Customer Service Training Aberglasslyn

Customised Customer Service Training For Aberglasslyn Area

Clients are any organisation’s finest assets.
Good customer service is critical for all businesses, large or small. It can have a direct effect on customer loyalty and where potential customers decide to invest their money.
This course provides guidelines and best practices for providing excellent customer service that will enable frontline associates and service staff in back-up and support roles to build, maintain, and increase a loyal customer base.
The most important aspect of service skills training is equipping your staff with the skills that allow the customer to guide the content, interaction and construction of your product and service knowledge base.

The Outline:

  • Attitudinal Issues
  • Create a positive impression on your customers and enhance the image of your organisation
  • Delight the customer by going beyond customer satisfaction
  • Helps customer-facing-staff to Comprehend the importance of great service and its role in customer retention
  • The Way to resurrect lost customers
  • Personal presentation tips
  • Strategies for contending with rude or abusive callers
  • The value of a Vision Statement
  • Ways to create a winning first impression

About This Customer Service Training Session

Ideal for staff members at all levels who are wanting to develop their customer service and communication skills for working with internal and external clients.
Participants will learn key concepts and participate in facilitated exercises and discussions that will personalize the customer service content to their specific functions and responsibilities in the business.
This course session contains an engaging combination of lecture, group interaction, and role-playing to improve retention of the training.
Whether you want a public class or a group session in your offices, we can supply what you want at a price that will guarantee a wonderful return on your investment.

Your Customer Service Training could be customised to suit the local Aberglasslyn area if you have a team.