Customer Service Training Abercrombie River

Customer Service Training For Abercrombie River Area

As the first line of contact with customers, service agents can affect customer perceptions and ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.
Engage your staff with customer service training that’s simple to implement and easy to use.
The benefits of good customer service are endless.
This 1-day customer service training course introduces entry-level customer service representatives to the fundamental principles and techniques required to provide excellent service.

The Outline:

  • 3 simple rules for answering another person’s phone
  • Dealing with anger and whining customers
  • Deliver bad news to customers in a more positive manner.
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • How we ‘manage’ our clients
  • Lessens stress by providing skills to de-escalate challenging situations
  • Service recovery
  • Taking ownership of problems
  • Why the choices you make with each client contact are so important

About This Customer Service Training Session

Each workshop presents techniques for handling challenging clients and scenarios and also offers opportunities to apply new skills to support interactions.
Our customer service training programs already include many great research-proven topics for you to select from.
The plan of short modules that may be delivered by team leaders to equip their people with the skills and knowledge to deliver the experience. This session is for Customer service representatives, sales professionals, sales and customer service supervisors and managers, marketing professionals and managers, front line workers, anyone and everyone who comes into contact with clients!

Your Customer Service Training could be customised to suit the local Abercrombie River area for those who have a team.