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Why Customer Service Is Improving in Australia

Australia is the lucky country. We have a huge amount of resources and we are surrounded by some of the best beaches around.

In Australia, we have a saying “Its not what you know but who you know” and that is partly true. Have a think about how many of your friends may work at your workplace, and how it may have been who they knew that got them there. Many of us know that job positions are filled even before they manage to get advertised which makes it difficult also for many to find the right job.

With the rough economy many HR managers and employers are now realising the importance of training, and hiring the right staff for the right positions.  With quieter times, many employers are working with a skeleton staff model, and keeping on their vital workers. They are also realising the difference between their business and the one down the street may just be the added service provided as things start to get more competitive in the market. (Depends on which industry you look at)

This reshuffle and focus has become the new customer service era, from online chat, to 24/7 service numbers. Being accessible and ready to help your customers can be the make or break of an unstable business foundation. Even search engines like Google have suggested to create sites for users and not for search engines to improve customer interaction will be a ranking factor in years to come.

(Some further details: News/News/Google_explores_new_metrics,

The days are gone, where you could rely on a good Brand name to get you out of trouble. With more researched, and more tech savvy clients, a business can grow overnight online or as we have seen, others have been destroyed due to bad publicity that has been spread across Facebook in a couple of days. Australia has embraced the online market, and is also competing with the service offered globally. While the economy moves about, many Australians learn that there is one constant that keeps customers coming back… Great Customer Service.

Focusing on your customer, providing great service, and not taking short cuts will help make sure you are in business tomorrow. Quick sales, bad service or one off issues can be made to be tomorrows headlines today.

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