Communication Training Minbun

Minbun Local Customised Communication Training

When it’s a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, a meaningful message involves establishing a relationship that leaves a powerful impression.
This effective communication training course will help you master the human relation skills required in today’s tough business environment.
Communication Skills Training offers the crucial tools you’ll need to help your workshop participants master the skills that drive performance.

The Outline

  • Understanding Active Listening
  • Communicating effectively within the organisation
  • Identify, segment, and analyse audience characteristics that inform your strategic planning
  • Not being manipulated
  • Influencing Strategy
  • Professionally communicate with stakeholders

About This Communication Training Session

Everything we do is participative and interactive. There’ll be work in pairs, small group work, games, processes and exercises designed to stimulate, challenge and develop people’s knowledge and abilities. They’re also fun!
We are also happy to provide half-day courses, if that better suits your organisation.
The ability to communicate with impact and current well is an important part of business today.

The practice is made for local companies within the Minbun area.