Communication Training Milsons Point

Communication Training For Milsons Point

Being an effective communicator takes real skill. Communication skills need to be developed, honed and added to on an ongoing foundation. They are the center of interpersonal skills and the greater your awareness of how it all works, the more effective your communication will be.
A one-day training course focusing on effective communication and interpersonal skills for business. Also available in truncated form as a half-day course.
Out of ten, how would you rate your communication skills?

The Outline

  • Understanding Active Listening
  • How to deal with different situations
  • Public speaking, effective demonstration
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Breakdown of communication
  • Turn difficult customers into opportunities for the business enterprise

About This Communication Training Session

Throughout the day participants will have applied some of our exercises for their real life experiences. Where we have additional time we might also seem to recreate communications when they were unsatisfied with the outcome.
Your learning in this course will be supported through various in-class and internet activities comprising group and individual work.
You will learn how influence works and strengthen your own skills at influence and persuasion

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