Communication Training Milora

Milora Communication Training

Discover how effective communication is greatly improved by understanding communication preferences based on personality type and learn how to overcome some common obstacles to effective communication.
You may make a big impact simply by changing some of your language and developing your verbal skills.
The way you interact with others are the key to workplace success.

The Outline

  • Discover the secrets of successful listening
  • Assertive rather than passive or aggressive behaviour
  • Stabilising nervousness
  • Styles and Difficult People
  • Guidelines
  • Practice new skills and receive feedback on how to improve your performance

About This Communication Training Session

From the end of the course, you will have the ability to understand what others need, react strategically to their wants and needs, craft persuasive and clear messages, and develop the important communication skills you will need to get ahead in business and in life.
Effective communication is the foundation of a successful company and positive workplace.
This training is a highly interactive, experiential, strategically-focused workshop where the participants interview each other about the most positive communication experiences they had experienced in their lives.

Quality customised Communication Training accessible in Milora if you’ve got a team.