Communication Training Millthorpe

Millthorpe Local Communication Training

Successful communication forms the basis of successful relationships, but it involves more than just speaking or listening well.
The art of communicating lies not only in what you say but how it is received.
Losing control in tough situations that could eventually lead to stress and unrest within the office?

The Outline

  • The Truth about Tone
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Explore best practices, principles, processes and execution elements designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to deliver business outcomes
  • Communication Cycle – Thought- Spoken- Heard -Understood – Agreed to – Acted on – Implemented
  • Dealing with Dreaded Behaviors
  • Assessing the success of you communicating

About This Communication Training Session

Your ability to work efficiently and influence others is mainly driven by your ability to communicate in a confident and clear manner.
This one day course is open to everybody and no prerequisites are required, prior to attending.
This training session is perfect for anyone who is looking to develop communication skills and communicates with a selection of individuals on a day to day basis.

The practice is created for local companies within the Millthorpe region.