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Milloo Local Communication Training

The Communication Skills training course teaches you powerful concepts like how different personality types can influence communication, what your own personal communication preferences are, and most importantly how to implement and use these skills immediately.
The ability to communicate effectively in all situations, at all levels, is the cornerstone to successful working relationships and a successful career.
Out of ten, how would you rate your communication skills?

The Outline

  • Understand barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Difference between passive, assertive and competitive approaches
  • Voice projection
  • Communications models
  • Appreciated the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication.
  • Use active listening techniques and effective questioning skills

About This Communication Training Session

Communication gaps occur when the sender’s message is not got the way it was intended, and understanding the barriers that cause these gaps can enable you to prevent and overcome them.
Our communication skills training workshops help you drive your performance through effective interpersonal skills.
This course is terrific for Individual contributors, Managers, Team leaders, whose success depends on their ability to communicate clearly, to be known and to affect how another person performs, and create positive working relationships.

Professional Communication Training to suit your Milloo group.