Communication Training Millers Bluff

Customised Communication Training For Millers Bluff Area

So as to direct or manage others, you need to master your communication skills.
The ability to communicate effectively in all situations, at all levels, is the cornerstone to successful working relationships and a successful career.
This one day communication skills training workshop delivers results by assisting you to engage with those around you with confidence and clarity.

The Outline

  • Learn to recognise other people’s personality types and communication preferences
  • Interpersonal techniques
  • Story telling – Creating stories to communicate a specific idea
  • Exploring how presentation works
  • Appreciating different communication styles
  • Handle difficult people with greater simplicity

About This Communication Training Session

The day will be based around this key aim, with delegates being given the chance to practice and experience each section.
Participants develop a sense of their own communication profile whilst learning about core behavioral tendencies in others and themselves.
Learning how to improve communication skills will offer a great benefit for individuals as well as any organisation and its workers.

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