Communication Training Millchester

Communication Training For Millchester Area

Your ability to create an environment for open discussion and continuing dialogue is a must for communication success.
Communication skills are the most highly valued skills in today’s business environment.
This course will benefit anyone who communicates with others at the office and beyond.

The Outline

  • State your viewpoint and requests in a clear and concise format
  • Communicating assertively using ‘I’ statements
  • Words people use reveals their thinking, learning style and perception
  • Communications models
  • Influencing Exercise-Planning and Practice
  • Manage stress Develop more flexibility

About This Communication Training Session

Through practical and analytical involvement, students gain both advanced skills and in-depth understanding related to a broad variety of communication methods and techniques.
In practical exercises, you may apply theory to particular communication, selling or negotiation scenarios.
This course is terrific for Personal contributors, Managers, Team leaders, whose success is dependent upon their ability to communicate clearly, to be understood and to affect how another individual performs, and create positive working relationships.

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