Communication Training Millbank

Millbank Customised Communication Training

This course builds on Assertiveness techniques you’ll have learned in our Essential Communication Skills or Assertiveness in the Workplace courses.
A detailed training session on assisting you to develop into an outstanding communicator.
This communication training will allow you to build powerful relationships and get your messages across more persuasively.

The Outline

  • Master the S.T.A.R. method for talking on the spot
  • Negotiation
  • Develop research-based quantifiable goals that provide business outcomes
  • Using support materials
  • Influencing Strategy
  • Know why communication breaks down, and the skills needed to ensure communication is effective

About This Communication Training Session

Completing this course will help you to get more out of each interaction and enhance your relationships with colleagues, family and friends.
He exercises will refine and advance your overall communication and teamwork skills including listening, persuasion, collaboration, networking, and oral and written presentation.
You may select your own tailored, Effective Communication Skills Training course, at your own premises at exactly the same price as a standard course from elsewhere.

Communication Training are available for individuals in all big cities, customised training onsite can be found in Millbank.