Communication Training Mila

Mila Local Customised Communication Training

To communicate effectively, you must adapt in response to certain people and situations, and this requires a willingness to develop your self-awareness and people skills over time.
You can make a big impact by simply changing some of your speech and developing your verbal skills.
Communication Skills is a cutting edge training program designed to help today’s business professionals take their communication skills and effectiveness to the next level.

The Outline

  • Learn to use and read body language appropriately
  • Make a persuasive presentation by using the 5 S’s
  • Explore best practices, principles, processes and execution components designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to deliver business results
  • Handling Difficult Messages
  • Facilitating Team Communications
  • Communication tips at Performance Reviews

About This Communication Training Session

Whether presenting one to one or to an audience of one thousand, conveying information to a project group or delivering a tricky message, communicating effectively is one of the most powerful skills for achieving your objectives.
These strategies will offer a great advantage for any organisation and its workers.
This training is a highly interactive, experiential, strategically-focused workshop where the participants interview each other about the most positive communication experiences they had experienced in their lives.

We can provide a training session for your team in Mila.