Communication Training Mihi

Customised Communication Training For Mihi Area

Learn how to communicate more effectively at work and accomplish your goals.
Whether it is a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a relationship that leaves a strong impression.
Having difficulty with dealing with other individuals in the organisation only because of bad communication?

The Outline

  • Negotiating your needs
  • Make a persuasive demonstration by using the 5 S’s
  • Stabilising nervousness
  • Managing your assumption more efficiently
  • Assessing our own communication style and taste
  • Deal with difficult situations

About This Communication Training Session

For those who have ever wished to communicate with more clarity and effect, in any of your relationships, then this course was designed for you!
We offer knowledge necessary to work to your strengths and create positive change in your organisation.
We provide powerful tools to deal with tough conditions, give constructive feedback and improve all your interpersonal communication.

Local Mihi Communication Training available for teams.