Communication Training Middle Swan

Customised Communication Training For Middle Swan

This course builds on Assertiveness techniques you will have learned in our Essential Communication Skills or Assertiveness in the Workplace courses.
Communication skills training modules includes a summary of the relevant research and guidelines about how best to address issues when communicating with workers.
We supply two-day, one-day, and half-day communication training programs.

The Outline

  • Making small talk
  • How to achieve effective communication
  • Build on memory skills and enhance relationships
  • Dealing better when feeling wrong-footed
  • Presentation, exercise in trios, facilitated whole group discussion
  • Communicate and motivate simultaneously

About This Communication Training Session

Communication gaps occur when the sender’s message is not received the way it was intended, and understanding the barriers that cause these gaps will help you to prevent and overcome them.
We offer ongoing training and support, and are dedicated to helping you attain the best results for your business.
Classroom training is proven to provide the very best learning experience and knowledge retention.

This session could be conducted on site at Middle Swan.