Communication Training Middle River

Customised Communication Training For Middle River Area

This one-day communication skills course gives a strong insight to how communication works.
In this course you will become conscious of the flow of communication, understand situational communication and have the chance to practice effective communication techniques.
No-one is born a terrific communicator, it is a skill you need to learn and grow.

The Outline

  • The Power of Pitch
  • Ability to avoid conflict
  • Manage stress Develop more flexibility
  • Art of Saying No – Techniques on assertiveness issues
  • Expanding the Skill Set
  • Apply the principles of good communication to electronic mediums

About This Communication Training Session

Throughout the day participants will have implemented some of our exercises to their real life experiences. Where we have additional time we might also seem to recreate communications when they were unsatisfied with the outcome.
We provide knowledge required to work for the strengths and create positive change in your organisation.
The success of our sessions is within our facilitation procedure.

Corporate Communication Training available in Middle River.