Communication Training Miara

Miara Local Customised Communication Training

Learn the fundamentals of how to influence and persuade to accomplish your targets.
This communication skills training course is a must for everybody who needs to relate to another human being.
We provide two-day, one-day, and half-day communication training programs.

The Outline

  • Intercultural communication- day to day communication, living and working in Australia for new business migrants. This training helps you or staff to be more settled and productive
  • Manage your non-verbal signals to Improve Your communication
  • Disagree agreeably
  • Learn assertiveness skills and techniques
  • Barriers to communication
  • Understand the role of culture, stereotypes and bias in communicating

About This Communication Training Session

This effective communication training course can help you master the human relation skills required in today’s tough business environment. You’ll learn how to enhance human relations skills, increase communication effectiveness, strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions.
Our Trainers are highly skilled in their subject areas and are uniquely positioned to provide participants with deep industry experience.
The ability to communicate with impact and current well is an important part of business today.

This Communication Training could be customised to suit the local area of Miara.