Communication Training Merricks

Customised Communication Training For Merricks

This class builds on Assertiveness techniques you will have learned in our Essential Communication Skills or Assertiveness in the Workplace courses.
Communication skills are the most highly valued skills in the current business environment.
This course will help you master the capabilities demanded in today’s tough business environment.

The Outline

  • Learn How to adjust your own communication strategy based on need and situation
  • Understand your communication style and how you can adapt it to work more efficiently with others
  • Assertiveness and Aggression
  • Understanding what happens in the front of an audience
  • Communicated their message in an engaging and effective way for the receiver
  • Speak in more optimistic terms

About This Communication Training Session

Throughout the day participants will have applied some of our exercises to their real life experiences. Where we have extra time we might also seem to recreate communications when they were unsatisfied with the outcome.
Participants develop a sense of their own communication profile while learning about core behavioral tendencies in themselves and others.
This session is designed to provide you with a basic working competence in communication skills and an understanding of their proper use in interpersonal contexts.

Professional Communication Training to suit your Merricks team.