Communication Training Merriang

Customised Communication Training For Merriang Area

To communicate effectively, you have to adapt in response to particular people and situations, and this requires a willingness to develop your own self-awareness and people skills with time.
Being able to engage people in conversation builds trust and confidence significance they buy into you and your ideas making it much easier to influence.
The communication classes and seminars below will help you build a truly engaging and responsive communication fashion, leading to positive results for you and your organisation.

The Outline

  • 8 Common Barriers to Effective Listening and how to conquer them
  • Communicating assertively using ‘I’ statements
  • Build on memory skills and improve relationships
  • Feeling and behaving more assertively
  • First impressions and building rapport
  • Break down barriers to effectively communicate

About This Communication Training Session

Throughout the day participants will have implemented some of our exercises for their real life experiences.
In the leaders who inspire their businesses into the staff who connect with your customers, we understand what it takes to become a great communicator.
We also offer this communication skills course and our other Communication Effectiveness courses as in-house coaching.

On site Communication Training available in Merriang.