Communication Training Mercunda

Mercunda Local Communication Training

There’s never one right way to convey. Authentic effective communication always occurs when we reply on those things we know to be true about or for ourselves. Remember your personal style probably says more for you that all the words you use can.
Effective communication forms the basis of successful relationships, but it involves more than just speaking or listening well.
This course will benefit anyone who communicates with others at the office and beyond.

The Outline

  • Identify the top 5 pitfalls to successful communication and how to counteract them
  • Apply the concepts of pushing and pulling when influencing others
  • Developing awareness of how impact is created
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Voice tone and projection
  • Greater ability to handle challenging communication scenarios at work

About This Communication Training Session

The training covers effective communication strategies to increase comprehension and verbal communication with others.
We all know, good leaders are great communicators. Communication not only affects our relationships for better or for worse, but it’s the essential tool to influencing, presenting and leading in an effective, productive and meaningful way.
The more you arrive at shared understandings with colleagues and customers, the better you will have the ability to create high-quality connections together.

Corporate Communication Training accessible in Mercunda.