Communication Training Merbein

Merbein Customised Communication Training

To communicate effectively, you must adapt in response to certain people and situations, and this requires a willingness to develop your self-awareness and people skills over time.
Face to face communication and the way you portray yourself is also very important and in this session we look at the behaviours required to demonstrate effective communication.
Our communication skills training will teach you about communication and overcoming barriers.

The Outline

  • Understand barriers to successful communication
  • Identify and create your personal communication style when adapting your behaviors to better express your ideas in the workplace
  • Stereotypes and assumptions which are set by vocal tone and non verbal behaviors
  • Creating a unique individual style
  • Perceptions and filters
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of communication available

About This Communication Training Session

Everything we do is participative and interactive. There will be work in pairs, small group work, games, processes and exercises designed to stimulate, challenge and develop people’s knowledge and abilities. They are also fun!
We offer a range of courses that are intended to help you understand important communication theories and how these can be implemented in the workplace.
Discover how our writing, presentation and meeting skills workshops can help improve communication, productivity and effectiveness.

This Communication Training could be customised to suit the local area of Merbein.