Building Rapport on the Telephone

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Telephone Rapport: How do you do it?

People like people that are like them – that’s the fundamental principle we have got to consider when it is a case of building poor services and in life in general, it really comes from the book how to win friends and influence people, which was written by Dale Carnegie about hundred years ago, it was written some time ago, but is still really very, very, very legitimate. Today, it’s interesting, is not it how the fundamentals of human behaviour, do not really change over time and people value same type of things through time in terms of what’s polite to do? What affects people efficiently and this underlying principle about people like people that are similar to there’s also really pertinent today once we’re considering personalizing the clients experience and because I would like to demonstrate as a fantastic agent that I am very similar to that customer.  So we will need to be very focused on what the client is saying to us and what hints and signs there could be about how we can say certain things to demonstrate that similarity and also another things think I will be how you do so in a manner which is authentic, so it does not come across as – and you know, untrue we have got to show it in a real way by asking questions or commenting and saying: oh, that is really interesting and significance it as well, and so there is some things to do with your your tone.

Today’s consumers have an assortment of choices for shopping, obtaining services and getting the help they need. They can use catalogs the email, the web and face-to-face contact. Yet telephone customer service remains the first option for the majority of customers when they have questions or a problem that has to be resolved so as to safeguard your customers or customers are delighted with the customer support. They receive it is even more important that you give exceptional customer service, including outstanding telephone services. Consumers expect better service than ever before and also the limitations of phone communications do not exempt you from providing them the satisfaction and resolution they require this class concentrates on holding outstanding telephone customer service skills so as to fulfill customer requirements and presenting a professional, knowledgeable picture that reflects Well on your organization, when you’ve finished this program, you will know all you will need to make. Your customers feel satisfied and valued even under the most difficult conditions.

Mirroring the behaviour, volume or speed of the voice on the otherside of the phone will help you build more of a connection with your client. Learn more about rapport building or telephone skills in one of our training sessions.

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