Brand and Label Planting in Sales and Presentations

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Brand and Label Planting

The first strategy that we are going to be talking about this week is known as label planting label. Planting is a strategy that we can use to tell our clients what to consider us and what to consider our company. The theory of tag planting is that folks will think of you and connect you with words which you tell them to associate with you and it’s very effective. I’ve seen it work in my company and I have seen it work in a number of other businesses.

If you are, the chief of your department – and you need to choose what your clients and fellow co-workers or managers or employees will consider you, whatever situation you are in you, can apply these same principles in which you sit down with your staff or with your co workers or whether it is for you on a personal level, you simply sit down with yourself and decide. Which are the words that I want people to associate with me, by way of instance, when I need people to when I, when folks think of me, I want them to believe. Oh, he gives me the words, so that’s my motto an d it is exactly what I weave into my discussions here are the words here’s the verbal pattern.  I also want individuals, by way of instance, to think it is easy and it’s easy. However, individuals recognize the features that you point out and so, by way of instance, once I started off in the training business, I had been training on very different topics than from what I am training on now and that I had been training on technical analysis of the stock exchange and I desired people to feel that the software I was introducing them to was simple to use. So during that presentation time and time and time again I’d say so you just click here and then you click on there and look what you’ve got. Isnt that simple, or I’d say – and this is a really simple system to use here is what you do you just do so. You only do this and there you go simple.

What, if you are giving a presentation? What do you want people to walk away? Thinking about whatever it’s that you are presenting that it is easy, that it is economical, that it is safe use those words over and over and over again you are present on your presentation and people that are listening and watching will associate those words with the item or service that you are Presenting on a personal level, what do you want people to consider you? Would you like people to think you are useful, then what you would like to do is as many times as you can discover opportunities to weave into your conversation, something about being useful.

The word help, by way of instance, if you would like your department, we should have made a departmental compass along with a private compass, and if you want people in your section, excuse me if you would like your clients to think that people in your section are useful. Have them use the phrase help many times as frequently as they can and whenever they can in their discussions. By way of instance, you may make it a normal line, one of your regular greeting lines or one of your typical opening lines or newcomer phrases and conversations sure I can help you with that. If a customer calls anybody in your department and asks them anything, one way to implement this specific strategy of tag planting is to educate everybody, regardless of what someone says to you.

When you answer the phone and they say hello, I need help with so-and-so. Er. Do you understand what XYZ is or I have a query on my telephone bill? A normal response could be certain I can help you with that right off the bat and then at the end of the dialog, by way of instance, you can instruct everybody to say have I answered all your questions today. It was my pleasure to assist you. I was happy to assist you I am glad. I can assist you and throughout the conversation we have in that word as many times as possible, by way of instance, maybe uh through the conversation, if you are suggesting something to a client, and the very best word is useful – which you want people to associate with you.

You might choose to instruct people in your section to weave in the conversation many times. Would that be useful to you rather than just for instance, would you like this, or if I do this for you, you understand what I am saying so select the words that you want people to connect with your section with your company with you and weave them into Your discussions so on a personal level, by way of instance, if you want people to feel that you’re efficient, you need your boss to feel that you’re efficient, find ways to weave that into the conversation, by way of instance, rather than saying something like will, I think, a better method to begin that is to do Y Y Z, you could say I feel that if we did X Y Z, that may be a more efficient way to do that. Would you agree, or allow me to try doing yada-yada to assist you with that now?

I believe that would be effective or things that words which are associated with being effective, by way of instance, weave into your discussions as often as you can I will get that done. For you immediately, I will discover the quickest and best way to do this, for you personally, humor quickly and effective, will translate into efficient. If you want people to feel that you’re caring.

What are the words which you would like others to connect with you and begin weaving words or synonyms for those words to discussions as often as you can, by way of instance, on your signature on your emails as soon as you’ve chosen, by way of instance, your keywords pick the best One and find a way to weave it in your signature, by way of instance, in the event you ah, if you feel that if one of your phrases which you want people to associate with, you’re professional, possibly in your email signature, then you may want to put a tagline something As services for busy professionals, something like that find a way to weave the words which you want others to associate with you as frequently as possible to your discussions and as a standard on the job, you need to select what are the best words and have people On the phone, by way of instance, find the way make, by way of instance, as we discussed, make it a standard greeting or excuse me, a normal opening phrase say, I can help you with this and final phrase. Is there anything else that could help you with once?

You’ve determined what your keywords are pick as a group here will be some terrific opening lines for us, some terrific closing lines for us, where we could weave these words in every moment, with every client, whether it’s in person or on the phone and after that find ways to weave them into the dialog in doing this, people will walk away in the experiences they have with you thinking wow, they sure are yada yada yada and the yada yada yada will be anything you tell them. To consider you, because remember we do tell people what to consider us. Sometimes it’s unintentional. Sometimes it’s intentional. If you make it even more intentional, you can make the image and the brand you want by simply telling others what to think about you and that’s tag, planting simple and efficient watch now in advertising. When you speak to companies that are strong and savvy communicators, how they use it and begin to choose the strategies that you see, work for others and use them on your own.

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