More about You and Your Customer

More about You and Your Customer

Respect Your Customer

Like workers, customers wish to be respected and heard. Customers are going to want to return simply on account of the interest that a positive outlook creates.  Nearly all individuals will appreciate somebody who’s warm and friendly, and this is a good skill in creating a faithful customer.

Somebody’s name is the one most important word you may use to make someone feel valued. Word of mouth advertising is unquestionably the best and it’s absolutely free!

When you look to pleasing your customer, you produce a win-win circumstance.  As a manner to create the’ sales opportunities’ for your business, you must first recognize the most usual difficulties your customers and prospects face.  Solving issues is a great way to provide great customer service. When you attempt to fix every problem though and deal with everything that comes your way, it has the tendency to force you to become negative and fearful . Keep focusing on the customer and you will find the joy in customer service outweighs the negatives.

My experience demonstrates that lots of managers are merely bad leaders. You must have a great comprehension of what works and doesn’t work in the business, have a walk around on various days and at various times over a span of a few weeks. The entire view of customer service appears to have been lost by lots of employees. Rekindling the motivation and customer service focus among employees is important.

Online Training

If you want to gain exceptional customer service abilities, training is an ideal means to reach this.  Online raining programs offer you some promising benefits also. We provide online customer service training across Australia including some remote areas like Oodla Wirra, Steiglitz, Carinda, Buckingham, Manoora, Goolgowi, Warranulla, Hyndmans Creek, Barrington, Mangoplah, Warrabah, Brooklana, and Beelerup.

More help?

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Customer Service Employment

Customer Service Employment

Employment Information for Customer Services

Companies are desperately seeking people with a mixture of abilities consist of customer service skills.  Selecting employees that have the capacity to address issues is crucial to the advancement of a company.

You need to be able to provide excellent service on a consistent basis. Some customers wish to acquire an answer fast and move forward. Do not attempt to answer which you think is right, so that the customer thinks you’re mistaken. To satisfy the requirements of your clients you must be conscious of what the clients want and expect. Make your clients feel unique.

customer service lesson plans

If your firm now employs an ad-hoc customer service application, you might need to look at implementing something a little more proper. It is dedicated to fulfilling customers needs and if it fails to deliver the customer expectations it may be letting your business down .

It is extremely vital to listen efficiently.   All of us encounter customer service once we visit the shop, call an organization on the telephone or head to a business’s internet website, Remember these as examples each day to help you provide better customer service. We need to understand our clients’ expectations. That makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of causing customer complaints.

Empathy is perhaps the most vital attribute for customer interactions. Above all else, don’t forget that it requires patience, time and a nurturing environment to come up with a extremely service-oriented employee.  Perhaps the most crucial life skill is the capability to learn. For customer conditions that can not be solved at this level, a manager needs to be delegated. Yes, they possess the skills to rectify issues when an employee may not.

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Providing training across Australia including Tomahawk, Windera, Longarm, Goonoo Goonoo, Ascot Vale, Markaranka, Jarvisfield and Balcatta.

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Learn About Customer Service

Learn About Customer Service

Delivering Customer Service

Customer service isn’t customer service if it’s not courteous. Customer service or quite substandard customer service is still a significant problem in many companies. Model customer service is and always should be dependent upon the easy fact that we’re dealing with people. Fortunately extraordinary customer service is among the few things which do not always require that you spend big amounts of company funds on. Excellent customer service may begin with a simple quality product or service but as the transaction goes on, you have an opportunity to shine as a customer service professional.

If customers are content with using your services, they are unlikely to move on to an alternate brand. The customer should be at the core of your business and its not the product or the service that makes your business a success.  It is a match between the customer and you. It is extremely crucial your clients know who you are.

 Our customers are important. True customers are people who keep your brand in mind.

Customer service delivery needs to be a skill that teams must be held accountable for. A huge part of consumer service delivery is about perspective, relationships and the capacity to build rapport with people.

Occasionally, customer service personnel have to be stern and firm. Moreover, staff must control, maintain and support the business and its facilities as a means to deliver a whole customer focused business operation. If your business maintains  fantastic staff it will succeed in delivering at critical times and give very good customer support.

There’s no greater time to begin than now and you may begin reaping the benefits instantly. Many people do not see the benefits of providing good customer service, so any business that does will excel.

Attempt to brainstorm with your co-workers or employees about the tools by which you can actively enrich the way that you run your company and how you can change the perception for your customers.  Learn how you’re able to run your company more productively and more efficiently.

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We now provide training in Murtho, Wahoon, Capertee, Ryansbrook, Black River, Marrickville, Morgiana, Gold Coast and Canberra.

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Customer Liaison

Customer Liaison

How to become a Great Customer Liaison

customer service liaison

Whatever line of business you’re in, should you not satisfy your clients you are going to be out of business shortly. Supplying a face-to-face service in the event the customer can not be taken care of over the telephone is imperative.  If you are a Customer liaison then your Customers will wish to know they are talking to someone with the power to change things.

Part of being a customer liaison agent is having a decent set of consumer service abilities.

It’s time to make customer service a priority, and discover the benefits in your business. In reference to meeting your own customer’s needs, you may wish to supply the very best customer service with many options and solutions for your client.

Not only are you going to be addressing the business on the normal basis, so too will your customers.  Many large businesses have implemented account managers to come up with and manage a predetermined range of clients and be sure each of their needs are filled. By having a customer liaison you are making sure the customer is the first priority.

Training in Becoming a Customer Liaison for your business is now available in Tottington, Captains Mountain, Tullibigeal, Tyenna, Yadboro, Providence Portal, Cookamidgera, Melbourne and Sydney.

When you’ve worked at your company long enough, you learn that it’s a good deal tougher to obtain new customers than to keep them. A small company might have to use their services to leverage that field of expertise so that they’ll concentrate on different parts of their company. They must look beyond issues such as what products and services to offer, the way to design and maintain a portal, and the way to handle security problems. Therefore, you can see there are lots of unique opportunities to outshine your competitors.

The business should be prepared to answer any questions that customers will have.


Additional Resources:

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Customer Service Leadership

How can I provide Customer Service Leadership?

Leadership in Customer ServiceDirection plays an essential role in your daily life. Leadership is straightforward for individuals with large self-esteem. The bigger the challenges which you have, the larger the opportunity. Develop outstanding relationships and you’ll have terrific success!

For success, leaders must be created. They remove negativity and help people who are negative make an effort to become positive. This in turn assists the leaders to get the support and trust of individuals. An excellent leader is one, who’s influential enough to get other people to follow him/her willingly. A leader should consider the notions and notions of everyone. Many leaders do an excessive amount of speaking and at times dismiss the demands of others, a real leader will lead by example and do some of the work also. An effective leader will acquire the most appropriate skills required to keep up a beneficial and joyful atmosphere on the job.

A leader accounts for everyone and a flourishing leader knows the way to listen to and look after peoples’ concerns. A fantastic leader will certainly stand apart from a’ manager’. Affluent leaders consistently ensure that everyone involved are well informed about everything that is happening inside their company and makes sure everyone is on an identical page.

Training for Customer Leadership is now also available in Normanville Biggs Flat, Robinson River, Sydney Olympic Park, Sandy Flat, Majors Creek, Warrayure. All major cities also such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and Parramatta.


Better communication on the job can bring forth new and complex ideas. Communication between your team members is among the best assets you can have in the workplace.

You have a choice to make. Individuals will search for areas where they are able to get accountability for their work. Asking your team to summarize their understanding of what should get done will help get commitment from your employees..

The customer must be at the center of your business not the item or the service which you supply. Insufficient customer service may cause lower sales, a poor name within the specific small business sector and can therefore result take a hit on profits. Worldclass businesses need world class ability. If your business supplies inadequate services and products or inadequate customer service it is going to have difficult time building its customer base.

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Customer Service Life Cycle Facts

Customers Have Choice

Customers are always able to select from an array of alternatives! If a customer finds an alternate item or substitute close to his home, he’ll even be happy to pay a greater price for it. The FAB technique is an established way of helping the would-be customer realize the worth of the goods or services you are providing. Features advantages and Benefits.  The expense to get a new customer is significantly greater than the expense to keep an existing customer. Don’t forget to understand the many FABs that your product or service offers.

Customers must not be given incorrect details.  Manage your customer and your company will prosper. If you look after your customer, profits will follow.Customer Service Life Cycle

Once a company has elected to pursue a Life Cycle marketing Strategy it must have clear understanding of each segment of the process. The closer a business can get to its customers at any time, the larger the chance to offer to them again. With this kind of customer relationship management solutions, companies can foster their capacity to not merely get but also retain current customers. It presents companies with the chance to create brand recognition to possible customers they may not be in a position to reach using other promotional techniques.

For more information see:

Training options now available in Dookie, Nattai, New Brighton, Mangalore, Scullin, Bowman, Elderslie, Perth, Gold Coast and Parramatta.

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What is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service?

customer service meaning

Definition of Customer Service

Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met.

Characteristics of Good Customer Service

Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. Customer service is meeting the needs and desires of any customer. Some characteristics of good customer service include:

  • Promptness: Promises for delivery of products must be on time. Delays and cancellations of products should be avoided.
  • Politeness: Politeness is almost a lost art. Saying ‘hello,’ ‘good afternoon,’ ‘sir’, and ‘thank you very much’ are a part of good customer service. For any business, using good manners is appropriate whether the customer makes a purchase or not.
  • Professionalism: All customers should be treated professionally, which means the use of competence or skill expected of the professional. Professionalism shows the customer they’re cared for.
  • Personalization: Using the customer’s name is very effective in producing loyalty. Customers like the idea that whom they do business with knows them on a personal level.

Types of Customer Service

There are different types of customer service that are provided by businesses. The type of service that customers encounter will depend on the product or service that a business provides, what the customers’ needs are, and whether the service is problem-oriented or focused toward enhancing the consumer’s experience.


More Courses:

We provide training now in Willare, Binya, Fiddletown, St George, Cadello , Parafield and in every City including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

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What Does A Customer Service Manager Do?

The Customer Service Manager

Customer ManagerThe Customer Service Manager deals with the customer service which is supplied by the business together with its other branches.  A specialist store manager deals with the consumers and profits.

The manager should have perfect comprehension of advertisements and promotional displays. Managers working in pharmacies are consistently seeking to apply quick students that are trusted. The automotive service manager has to be a man who can concentrate on a number of different things at the same time.

Different Industries

The most crucial problem is that the supervisor is held accountable for the cash which arrives into the shop and goes from the store.  It’s expected from production manager to think of the greatest alternative in a minimal possible time period. So while assessing the shop inventory, the manager has to learn the main demands of the clients In addition to such occupations, a food service manager may have to execute some more obligations, depending on the type of business or restaurant he’s working for. The job of an accounting supervisor demands account management abilities and competences.

We now provide training in this area for:

  1. Gretna
  2. Westminster
  3. Cardup
  4. Mooral Creek
  5. Errowanbang
  6. Beechwood
  7. Balladonia
  8. Melbourne

Online Management

If the organization was designed around the net and unlike the bulk of other retailers, it doesn’t need to provide the face to face interaction. When a competitive business is related to a service that you provide, customer service is most important. If customers are content with using your goods, there are quite less odds of them moving on to an alternate brand. Usually, in the event the customer cannot receive the information that they desire in a timely fashion they will move on to a different online company and buy the things that they need there.

”It isn’t enough to supply the customer excellent support.”

Client service is a significant portion of every business organization.   It can be provided by someone or may be supplied by means of carefully-planned self service.

The employee should be able to do a collection of tasks, along with lead and direct the work of others. For example, ensure that workers aren’t placed into a “catch twenty-two” position where they’re anticipated, on the one hand, to carry through the clients’ satisfaction while, on the opposite hand, they’re assessed on the grounds of the quantity of customers served in a specified time period. So, it is vital to continue to keep your employees satisfied, and this will then also keep your customers satisfied.

More information:

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Managing Customer Service

Managing Customer Service to Focus on Clients

Customer ServicesClient service is a significant portion of every business organization. It is the service provided to the customer for his satisfaction during and after the purchase.  Customer service is numerous activities that are made to increase customer satisfaction.  Customers aren’t expected to be mindful of your business policies but as a manager you should be.

When a business is related to a service as an alternative to an item, customer service is most important. If it is run just by a couple of people, consider empowering chat or text message functions so that the customers can speak with a representative directly.

Learning more about your service will help your business formulate its future plans.  It’s very crucial that you continue to keep your employees satisfied, as a way to continue to keep your customers satisfied also. Many employees wind up feeling that their present companies can not offer what they’re hunting for and proceed to look elsewhere in the marketplace. As a manager take control of this area.

The supervisor manages the customer service. We provide training in Yetholme, Northfield, Rushy Lagoon, Wattle Flat, Woodside Beach, Hampton, Upper Rollands Plains, Perth and Canberra.

More Sources: service

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Customer Service Actions


Actions for Customer Service/Client Support

Customer Client ServicesClient service is a substantial portion of every business organization. It is the service provided to the customer for his satisfaction during and after the purchase. The client support which transcends the clients’ expectations is superior support.

Customer service is a range of actions that are supposed to foster customer satisfaction. It can be provided by an individual or may be supplied by means of carefully-planned self service. Superb service in any online company is an immediate effect of excellent website design and preparation.

In the modern monetary environment, it is well-known that the customer is easily the most substantial part any business organization, and that’s where CRM enters the picture. If customers are happy with using your goods, there are very less chance of them moving on to some other brand. Usually, in the event the customer cannot receive the advice that they desire in a timely fashion, they will move on to some other online company and buy the things that they need there. It is possible to offer your customers with the questionnaire when they’re about to depart from your showroom or company to learn what makes them leave.

When planning the strategy of a site or when amending the strategy, it’s important to continue to keep your customers’ need for contact at the forefront.

Customer Service Strategy Advice from the Military


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Customer Service Mindset

Customer Service Mindset

What is the Customer Service Mindset?

customer service mindsetDiscover the sort of mindset which you’ll need for your organization to thrive. It is what differentiates your firm from all your adversaries. Producing the mindset is the skill that matters most.

A business must fully comprehend that customer targeted marketing needs a shift in the organizational mindset, and not simply structural organisational alterations.  Without a good customer service mindset, the business can not expand. If your business provides good customer service, it can benefit it to create the reputation it requires to excel.  Additionally, customers trust your goods or services and you receive an improved credibility in return.

Imagine you’re a customer of your company, this is a great way to get the customer service focused mindset and know that your customer was happy with your”customer support.” In case the customer isn’t happy, your customer service system has failed, however great you believe that it is. After running a review on the process and points you have seen, you’ll have the ability to carry on further to make changes.

Customer care representatives will need to keep a unique mindset otherwise, they may forget to deliver exceptional customer service. Without this, an individual can readily get irate. Also, customer service representatives should have an excellent comprehension of the firm’s procedures. On the opposite hand, an organization should comprehend the negative impacts for the customer- centered marketing and promotion organization.  It’s essential to identify the special responsibilities and tasks your employees will have to perform.

Now you have the most appropriate mindset, you can complement it with these steps to improve your negotiating abilities

We provide training for Customer Service Mindsets. Now also Available in Pambula, Bindera, Anderson, Launching Place, Peel, Pine Mountain, Kidman Park, Brisbane and Melbourne. Nation wide.

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Customer Service Objectives


What is the Objective of Good Customer Service?

Customer Service ObjectivesSadly, lot of people don’t put enough thought in their customer service targets. The fundamental aim of an organization is to bring in profits. and they forget the customer should be the focus.

To be able to increase your customer support quality, you should have the capacity to examine the interaction between your clients and your workers.  After an excellent sample of consumer views, you’ll start to locate how to implement customer service from the customer’s viewpoint.

Enhancing the caliber of customer service was paired with the challenge to cut back prices. Within customer support, a professional could potentially be the one to improve the level of customer service delivered.  Customer service professionals are crucial to a lot of industries in the modern society.

The 8 Keys to Creating a successful Customer Service Culture:

Your employees are the most essential advertising tool in your business and they’re interacting with your customer groups daily. Consequently, your customer service policies must not be determined by retention, but should be constructed around the reality that we need each and every one of our clients to have a superb experience whenever they visit, interact, buy or simply speak with each and every employee within our organization.

A company can not appreciate long-term success and survival should they care only about themselves. Regardless of how diligent it is, it’s bound to have unsatisfied customers. You must grow your business but not at the cost of your present customers. The Objective of Good Customer Service is to build your brand identity and satisfy your customers needs.

Asking Your Customers for Help

It really is possible to ask your customers to complete a questionnaire when they’re about to depart from your showroom or company. You may request the client to describe the service they received in more detail.  Internal customers are another critical component which helps establish a more powerful company. Internal Customers can review your processes and streamline bottlenecks and issues.  An Internal Lean Process Improvement review is the best way to improve your business productivity.

A close-looped lead management process is among the most essential tools for quantifying performance and the level of the advertising. Moreover, it must outline a unique sales process to be followed. A firm thrives off of their clients or customers. Without them, your company will stagnate. While ideally every firm would like to please every customer, sometimes this isn’t always possible. From time to time, if you handle an organization issue or customer complaint, you may see for yourself internal issues or problems occurring. Relying on your team to always inform you of issues can also lead you to poor customer service.

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Should I Outsource My Customer Service?

Is Outsourcing Good or Bad?

Customer services are ideal for outsourcing however it can change a customers perspective of your brand. If you’re outsourcing customer assistance, you might want to prepare videos that clarify details about your goods and services.  Customer service or customer support is quite a significant part running an organization and to rely on outsourcing services may affect your bottom line.

Clients are lifeline of any company and the majority of the businesses value their esteemed clients. The customer has to be put first in any business decision.  It is vital whatever choice you make when the customer calls, it should  just takes a couple of minutes for customer service representatives to supply a suitable solution. If outsourcing your service delays the customer interaction or transaction it may frustrate the client. However it may be essential for your customers to be in a position to get technical support 24 hours every day which then outsourcing may be a good option for you.

Outsourcing Customer ServiceIf you learn more about your customers, business, trend and other components which affect your company you may immediately compare your organization options and see if outsourcing could boost the value to your customers.

You might select to use a short-term aid during active times instead of picking a full time employee or contracting outsourcing support. For instance, it is often cheaper to use an outside bookkeeping service to keep an eye on your accounting, although their hourly rate is high, since you only need them for a couple hours every month. You may pick the precise services that you need and bypass others, which will provide you more flexibility. Like most services related to IT, selecting the most suitable provider can make a big difference. Many outsourcing businesses have specialized agents who can offer quality services.

To start with, identify what kind of services you’re interested in providing. It’s also dependent on on which sort of service you’d like to get help with. You need to receive a service which is exceptionally versatile that will allow you to provide exceptional opinions to your clients as well as supply you professionals that might help you with this transaction. Whether you desire e-mail support solutions or back office support solutions, you must make certain you’re partnering with the correct service partner.

Outsourcing additionally lets you pay attention to your institution’s core business and focus. Offshore outsourcing was found useful for quite a while by large corporations but has hardly attracted the interest of SMBs. It helps to reduce organizational overhead costs. It’s becoming a common development among particular sectors and services. The Outsourcing permits the company to have the work done for a reduce price. Information technology outsourcing and company process outsourcing are possibly the two most well known types from the several kinds of outsourcing.

Outsourcing also offers you time zone edges.  Outsourcing is actually an exact broad idea, and has obvious benefits in many situations. Outsourcing, also called”offshoring” when referring to international work forces, and is normally known as the custom of transferring jobs to other countries in a bid to decrease company work expenses.

If you are unsure if outsourcing is for you, then these following resources may be helpful.

Training on Customer Service now available in Preston, Mullengandra, Wenlock, Cornwallis, Glenmore, Lower Macdonald, Mcleans Ridges and Melbourne or Gold Coast.

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Customer Service Operations

Customer Service Operations

How Customer Service Operations can change your business

You may have a great team, a continuous flow of new products, an exciting promotion and promotion campaign, and a lot of cash, but in the long run if you can’t fulfill your customers by delivering the item or service with the finest quality, with the greatest amount of customer service, you are to fail.

Customer Service OperationsIf you don’t believe in achieving outstanding service there’s almost no possibility that you will reach the best provider. In an ever changing marketplace, it isn’t sufficient to supply just average support.  Customer service is among the most vital facets of an organization, which determines the success or the failures of a company. Fortunately exceptional customer service is among the few areas which don’t automatically ask you to commit substantial sums money. You can provide great customer service for free.

Customers go for what’s affordable, simple and quick.   Managing customers efficiently is among the most time-taking and challenging endeavors for entrepreneurs or employees. New customers will flow to your business if your organisation’s capacity is consistent.


All businesses tout,”We have the best service in the company.” In the current market, they often focus their investments more on packed systems and business process optimisation, rather than on Information Quality. Although your business might gain from short-term earnings, customer satisfaction and total profitability will suffer in the long term. Many businesses are downsizing to reduce costs. Regrettably, it’s a issue that  a lot of businesses overlook. Too many businesses have business policies, procedures and hours of operations which don’t appear to fit the requirements of consumers.

See 6 keys to improving Customer Service Skills

In the event the workers aren’t onboard with providing great customer service, you’re going to have tough time instilling the customer strategy you have for your business.  Your workers are the most essential advertising tool in your organization and they’re directly interacting with every one of your other customer groups everyday. As they’re one of the most important parts to your customer service operation, it is essential that workers are completely engaged and on board.  It’s the duty of the employee to know the vision of the organisation at any certain time and can provide the service and expertise help at various stages of development.

Your organisation isn’t an exception. As organisations grow, they may be needed to take care of business functions beyond their expertise. To completely participate, the whole organization should hear from the customer so it can adapt and provide much better service. Training your team to help in delivering customer service is vital.

Management should assess current operations. It will provide you with many reasons why the business may not be conducting the required customer service needed.   Many large organisations have advertising and promotions surrounding their Customer Service Policies. It can be useful to look into the procedures and policies of other larger organisations.

We now provide training for Customer Service Operations in Callawadda, Nerramyne, Salt Creek, French Island, Gelston Park, Wootong Vale, Shark Bay, Melbourne and Adelaide

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Online Customer Service

customer service online training

Providing Customer Service Online

Customer service is among the most important elements of job protection and business survival. Exemplary customer service is considerably better than any form of advertising. The solution to amazing customer service is having the skill to spot the type of customer you are managing. It is extremely significant in the service industry.

The customer must be at the center of your business. It will produce the customer feel appreciated.  Addressing your customer in a suitable way is also critical so many have turned to providing Customer Service Online.

Ask whether the customer is pleased with the option or service or whenever a customer has received a considerable order, to find how things went.  To start with, customer satisfaction needs to be created. There are lots of approaches to encourage client satisfaction and great support. If you have an online survey or order form ask for a review and see if your customer thinks it is user friendly.

Quite good service in any online company is an immediate results of outstanding site design and preparation.  Properly training your workers to use the online system should assist with smooth operation and knowledge.  Providing links to online resources will also help both your staff and your customers be able to reach the information they need quickly.

The value of consumer service definitely cannot be underestimated, particularly nowadays. Possessing a better understanding of expectations and demands of the customer allows you to satisfy these requests. By taking the opportunity to research on-line service possibilities, taking advantage of creating net technologies ( like Skype) and by re visiting the site designs frequently, on-line business will without doubt become much better respondents to their customers’ needs and customers’ satisfaction.


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Social Media Customer Service

Is Customer Service on Social Media a Good Idea?

Social networking supplies a superb opportunity to engage with your customers and give them the support they want. There are various ways social media can add to the complete success of your brick and mortar business. One of the best parts of Social Media use is the data analysis that can be carried out in the social networking world.

We provide training on using Social Media with your Business in these areas plus more: Glenden, Eremerang, Southend, Glen Oak, Gooroc, Taromeo, Aylmerton and Perth

Every company should have a company program that’s uses social media systems to advertise their company services and products to gain more customers and earnings.  Many businesses believe that a well balanced mixture of social and conventional media can prevent an advertisements burnout.

One of the easiest means which you can advertise your business, without needing to spend much time or money, is by utilizing something that’s readily accessible online.  Social Media Networks provide data and advertising information which makes it easy to target the right group of people.  Regardless of what your service you provide, the mantra to accomplish success lies in knowing your customers.

Social Media Customer Service

You’re likely wondering what’s the best approach to begin a social network profile. Social networks are able to assist you to develop into a source for news and information that manages your industry and customer community. Social networking enables your firm to reply to your clients’ questions and concerns directly in a timely way. So it is essential to use the social networks like they were another inbound communication channel in your contact center like a telephone call or an email. Social media is a superior approach to learn what your clients think about your organization, products or options. Most of the sites also have a reviewing system to allow our customers to review your services.

As mentioned, social media profiles with a focus on developing our company, are a fantastic method to market your brand. Social networking links on the site are an excellent way to start to tap in the word-of-mouth advertising that’s so crucial today. Customers attempt to find certain solutions, to get in touch with the brand and find service, or share their ideas and experiences. Social networking sites are an incredible method to find out what your audience is saying about your business or your merchandise. In the current day scenario, many us have made the social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn a compulsory portion of their day-to-day lifestyle.

As a business, offering your customers the opportunity to publicize your brand and become ambassadors of your organization is a wise marketing and advertising approach to comprise in your marketing and advertising tool-set.



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Customer Service Organisations

Customer Service Organisations

The Importance of Customer Service within Organisations

Many businesses attempt to assist their customers with a good service via the Internet. Distinct businesses have various ways of communication with their customers regarding the quality of their goods and services.

Business rivalry is tough on small businesses on account of the international market and international competition. It’s quite a productive idea to look at your company development. There are many development tasks like design and testing which can help you build your brand. So your customer service within and outside of your organisation is vital.

Should I Outsource Customer Service Support?

Is it always best to let other people to help support you?. There are loads of services and corporations that are willing to receive a part of  your customer support. Should you provide another company your complaint handling procedure and work with you client issues?

By keeping your support in-house you have a level of control over the quality of service provided. It ensures you’ll have the ability to get appropriate training. Your brand and image is also at stake. Letting another company provide you this important service may prevent you from growing and can impact on your image.

It’s a great responsibility to offer the customers with information and to also have control to handle the issue.

For more advice and information see

We provide training in Customer Service within Organisations in these locations and more: Glen Ruth, Upper Blessington, Merlynston, Lanskey, Karrinyup, Dadswells Bridge and Stratford


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Customer Service Philosophy

The Customer Service Philosophy

customer service philosophy

“Be interested, care and act as though you’re glad I’m doing business alongside you.”

As per a research, it truly is projected that twelve quality services must compensate for one poor service given. Service is the basis of customer services. If your customer service isn’t at the extraordinary level, then you’re missing incredible chances to build your company and you’re wasting tons of cash and resources. Exceptional customer service is among the most troublesome area facing the company world now. Formerly,” good” customer service was the indication of a” great” customer provider. True customer services is fairly a proactive, well developed, organized program of making certain that your products or services are at the very best. Bad customer service drastically influences the principal point of every organization.

Your customers deserve the finest customer service. The greatest method to find if you’re pleasing customers is to ask them.  Meeting the customer may be a difficult task when you’re faced with numerous grievances and angry customers. If you want your customers to trust you and become faithful customers you must also trust them. It’s crucial that you assist your content customers to become loyal customers.

We provide training in this topic and is now available in Cubbine, Blair Athol, Madora Bay, Milton, Boomi Creek Kawana and Norman Park

You desire your absolute best workers to help build your company and it’s always best to share a little bit of the gains with them. Well- trained, essential high quality workers are not simple to replace. By rewarding your staff you will build customer service friendly staff members who will strive for furthering your company. Before going out and begin marketing your services and products you should also be clear you’ve got a strategy. Havign your employees back your campaigns and ideas will help also stay focused an on track to achieve your business vision and goals.

No doubt you may already be giving tons of your time attempting to work out how to boost customer services. The essential action would be to analyze your present demands. It’s a good idea to bear in mind the customer’s names (and use them).

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Using Customer Service Phrases

Should I use a Customer Service Phrase?

When a business is joined with a service in the place of an item, customer service is very important. Many  companies have a logo and business name that is too much like another corporation’s. Indicate clearly you stand out on your own. You wish to give the impression of a business that conforms to the finest standards of quality.  Choose your brand or company phrase carefully.

Using the Internet

customer service phrases

Careful planning and intelligent execution of a number of the best Internet advertising strategies is the secret to success. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to mention this procedure needs to be followed with utmost caution and all probable attempts has to be made such it doesn’t negatively change the goodwill of the business. Making sure your customer service advertising phrases reflect your style and mission statement or vision is important.


In case you have customers who love your services or products, support them to compose a positive review about your website. Their review could assist with your customer phrases and brand recognition.  Customer service is numerous actions that are meant to raise customer satisfaction. It can be provided by someone or may be provided by means of carefully-planned self-service. Having the review reflect these two parts may help convey the right message.

Customers will consider your company if it provides an authentic alternate to other mass produced products. You don’t have to go around on the lookout for customers because they’ll be attracted to the products or services you provide. The best customer reviews and word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to have your products go viral.

The Internet has various websites dedicated to several people, businesses brands, causes, actions, etc.. The web has become one of the most significant sources of income for many people in Australia and the remainder of the world normally. It has unfortunately also opened the virtual door for scammers to try to deceive other people.

The web is the most straightforward approach to locate your business. If you are using websites to enhance your writing, be specific they are reputable websites. Your brand will also get recognition and reputation from the websites you link from.

Additional Resources


We now also provide training on Customer Service and using phrases in your business in Ascot, Palmer, Kinchela, Yarloop, Netherdale, Lorn and Ben Bullen

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Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy


Customer Service Policies

If a customer thinks there’s an issue, there’s an issue. If your current customers aren’t satisfied, they’re likely to complain or even take their company elsewhere.

Perhaps as few as 10 years back the customer we thought the customer was always perfect. Customers will stay or leave based on the level of customer service they are provided. The customer may not always be appropriate. Indeed, occasionally he/she may be the one in the wrong. No matter what you might have heard, the customer isn’t always perfect.

Customers go for what’s inexpensive, straightforward, and quick.  If a feedback technique is not correct, a customer may request another process. Be certain to offer your absolute best customers the very finest you have to give.

Customer aid, though, will be”king.” The bottom line here is that great customer service finishes with faithful clients and a much healthier branding.

If you have problematic situations or complaints, supervisors will indicate suitable choices and offer support. It’s hard for employees to take care of customers nicely when they’re handled poorly. To avoid complicating an existent problem, workers must have the most recent and most precise info regarding products and business policies. Moreover all employees should have additional training every three (3) years.

Additional Resources

The Importance of Customer Service Training

An excellent method to distinguish your business would be to produce a customer service plan which is Proactively concentrated. If an organization implements a proactive strategy it does not guarantee content clients but it could appreciably reduce customer problems and show to your customers that you’re customer focused. On the basis it can provide a picture of the kind of service being supplied.  A company or organisation cannot run without its customers. If your organization would like to reap the advantages of a customer service program, make sure to understand your clients’ needs and wishes.

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Customer Service Presentations

Conducting Customer Service Presentations

If you are conducting a presentation for your business this article will assist you with interesting information and instruction on how to conduct a Customer Service Presentation.  Your demonstration should offer your audience with accurate and helpful information. There is a variety of ways to produce your demonstrations better. Creating strong presentations isn’t as hard as you may think.


smiling-customer-serviceSkills are the most significant component customer service presentations. Building communication skills are also useful in the office where you, in addition to your team, must run across complex conditions together with issues daily.

Bear this in mind before starting operation of your new small business enterprise. The procedure is uncomplicated enough. If you’re thinking of or are in the procedure for developing your own item, affiliate marketing of individual products are a brilliant way to add marketing expertise, and earn knowledge and proficiency in presenting your product to clients or customers. Each tiny step in your company process includes lots of touchpoints once the customer comes in contact by means of your brand.

To deal with each and every customers perception is difficult as they are all individuals and are all unique or they behave in various different circumstances. There’s a identifying demand for marketers to understand the value of consumer communicating, and not merely look at it from the standpoint of PR, Advertisements or other known company communication.   Keeping your long-term relationships with your clients will allow you to go quite a long way. Accepting a presentation usually means you’ll invest the required time to prepare.  Voicing your business practices or ideas in a presentation will help get the right message across.

People today keep on hunting for innovative ideas so they are able to market their goods and services.  To retain your clients and boost your profitability, you should have quality services and products.

Besides these, business marketing is planned for promoting a special product or the company name for a brand or company occasions. No company will survive without thorough preparation and exceptional cash flow administration  All new companies take time to establish and take lots of patience.  Different kinds of businesses that range from the application to engineering and logistic firms have successfully applied customer service presentations.

For more information or resources visit:

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Customer Service Professionals

Customer Service Professionals

Customer Service Professionals

Consult your customers the way you would like to be treated. Your Customer doesn’t worry about the type of day you’re having, and very candidly, they do not have to. Addressing your customer in a suitable way is always crucial.

Customer service is one of the best ways to show your business is professional.  Should you do your own customer service for your small company you will want to learn whether you have got the qualities of being a Customer Service Professional.

Professional Customer ServiceWhy Brand it “Customer Service Professional”?

As a Professional you’re responsible to your client to acknowledge whenever you don’t understand and you’re accountable for taking the initiative to learn the information needed so you can assist your Customer. When it’s possible to save a customer by fixing the issue instantly, you can gain a faithful customer for life. It is not possible for an affluent customer service professional not to be comfortable at helping others.

Handling Complaints

No one needs to feel like all are alone, and should you engage with the customer and let them know that you understand their feelings within this issue.  You’ve got the capability to create the “customer feeling” that you are genuinely worried and prepared to help by ensuring you understand what precisely the customer is saying. It’s important to apologize to the client. Besides having the capability to paraphrase what the customer is saying, it’s also crucial to ask the most acceptable questions to be sure that the whole issue of the customers complaint is understood.

What About Your Business?

Doing some research on the business’s history and purpose establishes credibility. Now remember, you’ren’t accepting responsibility, you aren’t saying that you are responsible for what the customer experienced. Asking the most suitable questions would make certain that you’re able to have a full appreciation of the requirements of the customer which would, later, help you in locating the optimal solution for their need. This way it is going to help to develop improved relationships with the consumers in the future. Your business will have a complaint handling policy. Learn about the policy and implement it.

Be Prepared to Listen

Professionals become prepared. A Professional takes the opportunity to react. Outstanding customer service professionals are respectable listeners. If the experience isn’t perfect, irrespective of who’s responsible, you should apologize to your customer.

Ordinary training will assist you to learn new strategies and tricks of their trade.  Getting specialist training and a great mentor will have the capacity to assist you to grow to be a comfortable customer service person.


More information at:


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Customer support


What is Customer Support?

Customer Support ServicesCustomer support, certainly, is to supply assistance to a customer. Exceptional customer support is crucial to the continuing success of any organization and it truly is essential for all staff to have a brilliant appreciation of the essentials of customer services. The greatest approach to get this done is through providing impeccable customer services. It’s one thing to desire to provide quite good customer service to your clients and still another thing to do it.

If you’re prepared to keep the customer by supplying amazing customer service, they may also become an ambassador for your brand. Make your clients feel significant, and they’ll wish to do more business with you. Take some time to be sure your customer service procedure is handling your customers fairly. Tempting as it might be, never forget your customers.

You need to consistently be uplifting, but in addition be sensible in the way you approach clients and resolve dilemmas. Customer service deals with a broad range of practices utilized by companies to make sure their customers expectations are met. To efficiently carry out customer service, you’ve got to understand precisely what the customer needs. You may have an excellent customer and turn him or her into an outstanding customer as a result.

Sadly it is considerably less difficult to break a brand down than it is to build it up. Developing a strong brand is among the secrets to business success. The initial step to make a powerful brand is identifying your distinguishing selling points.

Without customers, we don’t have a business. All companies have some type of customers. They need to stand out from the rest of the crowd and a great way to do this is by having an exceptional level of customer service. Take your customers from the equation and you’re out of business. Learn the best way to expect your clients’ needs, and you will be developing your company! What’s more, it is vital to understand that all successful companies provide immense value to their clients.  It truly is wise to concentrate on communicating favorable values from the beginning.

Main Principles of Customer Service

Whether it’s in your personal life or company the principles shared inside this short post will help anybody who’s prepared to apply them within their situation. Finishing all services correctly the very first time isn’t simple, but doing this may be a productive means for companies to build loyalty and trust by making good use of the service to their customers, which then increases satisfaction and gains.  It’s just amazing how much thinking proactively can help the main goal of any organization not merely with reference to customer options, but in addition a company strategy typically speaking.

Among the key elements is credibility. If you are a small business proprietor, you’re going to be in charge of various characteristics of the organization, and client service may not be your main focus. Customer perception is among the main elements in developing a brand. Having the appropriate customer service principles and practices will let your business flourish, with regard to enticing in more customers.


For more information and resources see

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How to Act Like a Boss

How to Act Like a Boss

From Marie Claire Magazine December 2015 Edition:  Trainer Quoted David Alssema

Do you want to be a #girlboss?

Well, the way you carry yourself can help you get that corner office.

It might be time you re-think the way you walk, show you’re listening, sit and shake hands. (A little refresher never hurt anyone, right?)

How to… walk:

If your stance isn’t right when you walk through the office or into a meeting, you could be giving others the wrong impression about your capabilities. “The slower your pace, the more confident you can appear,” says workplace body language expert David Alssema of Paramount Training & Development. “People who ooze confidence don’t check their surroundings.” The perfect walk? “A reasonable pace with your shoulders back, arms at your sides, head high, good eye contact and a smile.”

How to… show you’re listening:

“Nodding during a conversation not only shows you are listening and understand what the other person is saying, but it can also assist you in getting people to believe you are on the same wavelength as them,” says Alssema. “It’s natural to mirror people, so nodding helps reach a positive outcome. It’s a great way to connect and build relationships.”

How to… sit:

Sitting slumped at your desk doesn’t exactly convey enthusiasm. The best way to show you’re alert and interested is by “sitting upright on the edge of a chair, with a slight inward lean,” says Alssema. If you’re holding a pen, you can point to something on a piece of paper, but limit how much you use it. “Visual props can cause distraction, so be careful not to play with anything you’re holding,” advises Alssema.

How to… shake hands:

Getting a handshake right relays that you’re both professional and friendly. “Starting off firm, then adjusting your grip to match the other person’s shake is ideal,” says Alssema. If you’re on the receiving end of a “power handshake”, where the other person tries to turn their hand on top of yours to show their dominance, there is a simple way to reassert your authority. “Bring their hand closer to your body,” says Alssema. “Take a few steps towards them… Their hand will straighten up and become a normal handshake once again.”

Online Source:

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Workplace Stress. Is it getting all too much?

Workplace Stress. Is it getting all too much?

Workplace Stress: Is it getting all too much?

Some stress in the workplace is normal, but when does it cross the line when the stress is making you sick? Working long hours, bad management, too many ‘supervisors’, not getting to take your breaks, lacking resources, unrealistic deadlines, two-faced co-workers and an extreme lack of teamwork – sound familiar?

Do you go to bed dreading work? Tossing and turning all night while thinking about the deadlines you need to meet and worry about how you’re going to get it all done? Feel sick in the morning as you force yourself to get ready for work? This is a sign that you need to make some changes.

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘How did this person make it to management?’ or expect a film crew from Candid Camera to jump out when you’re told to meet an unrealistic deadline with no resources and already a full plate?

Management is responsible for a large portion of stress. How the company is run, how important teamwork is, how hands on and understanding the management team are and most importantly – communication. Lots of these are lacking in management and this is the root of stress related issues within the work place.

Along with bad management, you also have to deal with lower management like supervisors, 2IC and team managers who also give you things to add to your list and want you to do it ASAP. These ‘low-management’ people tend to act conceited because in the hierarchy order of things, they are above you. Often these people are younger then you, lack in life experience and judgment which can be frustrating. Add that to two-faced co-workers and not one single trace of teamwork in sight and you have a huge pot of ‘GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!’.

Here are some traits of good management/managers:

  • Think positive
  • Are honest and communicate
  • Balanced and delegate
  • Encourage and inspire
  • Give credit and praise
  • Mentor
  • Work as a team

Here are some traits of bad management/managers:

  • They micro-manage EVERYTHING!
  • They bully and play staff against each other
  • They are very poor communicators and don’t listen
  • They take credit for your hard work and ideas
  • They are extremely controlling and stubborn
  • You feel like you are always in trouble
  • They are arrogant
  • They blame
  • No matter what you do, you are always wrong.
  • You seem to always be in trouble

Here is a little survival guide:

  1. Know when it’s time to leave – if you have the bad boss, the co-workers, no teamwork and you feel sick walking into work, it’s time to look for another job. If your company has other stores or offices, apply to move.
  2. Feeling stressed? Make changes! – Stress is not something to be overlooked. On-going stress can lead to depression, anxiety and sleeping problems that can lead to disorders. Stress can disturb and upset your digestion and gut leading to serious health issues. A stressful and unhappy job can lead to alcohol and substance/drug abuse that comes with a list of problems on its own.
  3. Can you solve your workplace stress? – If you feel that you can sort out the stress by communicating to your boss or talking with that co-worker, then plan what you want to express and arrange a meeting. Know when you have done all you can on your part and don’t get stuck just putting up with the situation.
  4. Can you make your workload easier? – Even if management are asking ridiculous things of you and your co-workers spend more time gossiping in the break room leaving you to do all the work, take a look at what you can do to make your day easier.
  5. Stand up for yourself and communicate – You don’t need to be rude and arrogant to stand up for yourself, you just need to learn how to do it. Be clear and firm to your boss about what you need to do and what you already have on your plate so you can both come up with a plan to get everything done. Be honest and don’t back down if they just wave you away, be strong but polite. Be firm with co-workers who send tasks your way and don’t forget that it can be a two-way street. If they ask you for a favour, ask them for one.
  6. 6.Act rather than react – If you feel out of place, angry or upset about something, instead of bottling it up and then exploding, make a plan and calmly sort it out.
  7. Look after yourself – Eat well, get lots of sleep, drink water, avoid high sugary and fatty foods, get fresh air and sunshine on your breaks. Depending on how long your breaks are, go for a power-walk or some yoga studios hold lunchtime classes.
  8. Don’t have time for lunch time yoga classes? Learn breathing exercises and mindfulness to do at your desk.
  9. Be in control – This is your life and your health, so don’t let a bad boss control your work and personal life. Because a stressful job eventually will seep into your personal life.
  10. Make your work-time fun – In your life, you will spend a lot of time at work. That’s why people say you should do what you love, because it will take up a large portion of your life. Create your own little environment. If you have your own desk, accessorize it with items that make you happy. A Zen garden, or perhaps a plant. Photos or cute stationary, funny calendar and notes with positive quotes on them. Get some apps on your phone that play forest and nature sounds (If you are allowed that in your workplace). My favourite – treats. Always have treats either in your desk drawer or in your pockets in you don’t have a desk. Dress to impress yourself so that you feel great. Whether you work in a coffee shop or in an office, you can still create something that makes you feel fantastic whether it’s a brooch or flowers in your hair or a fragrance.


There are many horrid managers and workplaces out there, but there are also many great ones. Learn from the bad ones so that you can flourish in the great ones.

Written by Myra Glanford



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Texting at Work. Is it Good or Bad?

Texting at Work. Is it Good or Bad?

Texting at work. Is it good or bad?
Texting is rapidly taking over phone calls, but is it appropriate to be texting during working
hours? This is a dilemma depending on where you work because some people send and receive
texts as part of their job. The line is drawn at whether your texting is work related or not.
Texting has become a major concern for employers due to the productivity of their employees.
When do you think it’s not surprising to see someone texting at work? A sales person in a
clothing store? A receptionist in a medical clinic? A children’s crossing person? A checkout cashier
in a supermarket who is texting while scanning items? Do you find texting in these situations
rude and inappropriate?

Developing a company policy regarding this matter has become very important, but even if your
company hasn’t got a policy on the matter, people just know that texting isn’t acceptable during
working hours. They hide their phones in their pockets, quickly checking it now and then before
slipping it back into their pockets while they look around to see if anyone was watching.
What is so bad about texting at work?

Consider the following situations; you are talking to a girl at a reception desk in a medical clinic.
You are explaining a matter to her as her phone, which is situated to the side, lights up. As you
are talking to her, she picks up her phone, reads her text and starts replying. You are walking
down a street and you see a construction worker perched high on a roof frame texting. You work
for a large supermarket chain and leave your checkout to go on lunch. As you are walking out to
the staff room, you see your manager in the produce section leaning on a trolley texting.
Are these situations professional? Considerate? Safe? Just like everything else, there is a time
and place for everything. Can you do your job properly if you are constantly checking you phone
because you are in some deep conversation with someone via text?

In situations where texting is part of your work, whether you are a businessman or a sales rep, it
shows honesty and a good reflection of character when you don’t use business equipment for
personal use.
Of course there are always times when we may need to receive a phone call or text during
working hours. It is courteous to then say to your manager that we are expecting an important
text or phone call because we have a plumber that needs to come over or I’m waiting to hear that
my daughter arrived safety from her flight.

For companies that employ people to drive and operate heavy machinery, large vehicles or any
vehicle for that matter, it’s vital to have a zero tolerance of texting and using phones while they
are working due to the large amount of accidents in the workplace that can be fatal.
You may have a manager that doesn’t mind or maybe doesn’t even care if you text when you are
at work but still consider how you come across from a customer/clients point of view and never
text when someone is trying to talk to you.

Written by Myra Glanford

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Why Hire an Expert Trainer?

Why Hire an Expert Trainer?

Why Hire an Expert Trainer?

Many people ask me this question from time to time. They ask me what the difference is between a standard trainer and an expert trainer. We thought we would put together an article outlining the importance of the trainer themselves and how it can impact on not only the training session, but the outcomes and results of your team performance.

When hiring someone to do a role you look at their ability to do the job well. Even the media, grants them the notoriety and credibility from their efforts.

So what is the difference between a standard trainer and an expert trainer?

Well, experts have more knowledge in specific areas than most.  This means they have the ability to answer questions within a session, rather than just stick to an outline. An expert trainer will conduct a training session quite differently than a standard trainer, sometimes with a little more freedom and adaptability. The ability to be put on the spot and provide solutions as required by the participants assists with the learning process.

Credibility is also important. When you have a group or team that have considerable knowledge on a subject, sending in a trainer with limited knowledge or ability can at times make the group feel babysat, and build a level of unwillingness to learn. Once the trainer shows the lack of knowledge on a subject, the more likely the participants will switch off.

Why are not all trainers experts?

To be honest, not everyone can be an expert at everything. Many trainers teach, some research and some contribute. We find that trainers that constantly research new methods, and contribute to other areas in their field, in turn become more knowledgeable. This in turn will assist with the training they also deliver. Real life examples, case studies and experience is all applied within the training session.

Standard Training is still beneficial in many ways also, in fact some teams or training environments will not need an expert trainer, as this also could distance the group from the instructor. If a expert trainer is supplied, we always make sure we still teach at the required level whether that be Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced.

Again, some of it is style, personality, experience and knowledge. Finding the perfect mix in a trainer is important. We find that hiring experts in the areas required to teach, assists with high performance training.

We have seen too many times, trainers that waste the resources of a business, including the time of the participants. By hiring an expert trainer, you can be sure to get the very best in the industry and also the most out of your training.

All the best.



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10 Quick Email Tips To Help Maximise Replies

10 Quick Email Tips To Help Maximise Replies

10 Tips on Emailing from the Experts

Emailing is an important part of business these days and being able to quickly respond without picking up the phone can be advantageous. Yet, often that context and tone is misinterpreted via email due to having less of these signals available. We have put together 10 tips for you to help put that voice back into your email.

  1. Use formatting correctly. BoldItalics even font size can make or break your email.
  2. Use bullet points to attract attention and highlight main points.
  3. Use numbered points if you have a specific order or quantity you wish to highlight. Use the above if they are more general or not ordered.
  4. Use your Subject Line more effectively. Instead of  just “Invoice” put more information in your subject line such as”Reply Required: Invoice #4532 Attached”
  5. Be more specific. Specific things will get you specific results, General things will get you general results. Be more specific in your emails. Especially last line and paragraph, if a reply is needed then place here. If its required by a certain date, add the date. Its amazing how the replies then start to come back.
  6. Consider the time you are sending the email. Don’t expect your invoice to be paid, if you send at 4pm on a Friday.  Many business pay mid week, so Mon-Tue is great for invoices. If you wish to get a response, earlier on in the day and Tue, Wed are the best two days for email marketing or open rates.
  7. Use templates. Typing up emails can be time consuming, even though we prefer a more personal approach always, having templates ready can save you time and effort. Especially if you are sending to multiple people.
  8. If you wish to get more response, state you will follow up the email if you haven’t heard from the person before a certain date. This will motivate them to email you back before the follow up date.
  9. No more lengthy emails. To avoid long emails that are unread, type your long message in a word document and attach as an attachment. Then just write “Please see attached” the person then has a choice when to read your story and the email has more impact. Only place what is of interest in the email. Everything else can be attached.
  10. Get ideas from your inbox. Take a look at other emails and other business correspondence you may get. You may find there are many great ideas, and changes you could make to your emails to help them stand out like others you receive. Why reinvent the wheel, learn from some of the biggest companies around the globe.


We hope there may be one or two points here which has increased your email performance. For more information on our email etiquette training please see our training options.



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Why The New Website?

Why The New Website?

Why did we redesign our site?

Progress and change can be good for a business. The world is every changing and adapting is important. As times change, technology advances and even eras come to an end, you must change to suit the environment to survive.

Our focus was primarily on the end user, and found that easy access, clear direction and usability factors where some of the main reasons we decided to update. The older site had a few missed errors as we found also in the redevelopment process, so change is always a great teacher also.

Many people have mentioned how difficult it is to find something specific on a website these days, with a large site or many different products or services too, web developers can have a hard time setting things out nicely.

We found the new design to not only provide a clean, quick access to the main training options, it has a cleaner interface which allows us to display more content, and section it also to assist you to find it.  We hope you enjoy the new layout, and spend time on the site also, as we bring you some interesting articles relevant to your business and workplace.

Request an article by contacting us through email, we will let you know if we decide to write on the subject and also when it is published.


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Body Language Speaks Volumes

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Your Body Language Speaks Volumes

Most of us have experienced an interview with someone for something at some stage. You may also have had thoughts run through your mind in relation to how you should be sitting or how you wish the interview to go. Below are some tips on your body language and how it can speak volumes.


Rapport is built by similarities so it is recommended to shake someone’s hand the same as they do. Matching the strength or greeting shows you want to be an equal. Over powering a handshake can signal a dominant attitude towards the meeting. The greeting can be one of the most important parts of the interview as first impressions may decide how the rest of the interview may follow.

Seated Position

Sitting down with your hands visible, yet not fidgeting or tapping your fingers. A respectful seated position is recommended with your hands closed in lap, not clasped or interlocked. This will show a more humble and active listening position. Leaning forward will show interest, whereas learning backwards or slouching may indicate disinterest. Sit up straight and position your head slightly forward to show listening signals.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is important and any less or any more than a reasonable amount may indicate other attitudes. It is recommended to mirror the length of time the interviewer also has with you. If there are a panel of interviewers then providing the right mix of time for each person is important. Respond to each person individually with eye contact when answering questions. Glancing around is a signal for boredom so avoiding it if possible is recommended.

Creating the right vibe

Where do you look on the interviewers face to indicate the right intention ? Looking into a persons eyes indicates Social interaction and can help build a relationship, Looking above the eyes can signal dominance, and looking at the mouth can indicate you find the information that is being relayed important. Depending on your intention, these different eye gazes can affect the outcome of an interview.

Finger pointing and gesturing

The hands can give away clues to dominance, deceit, authority and frustration etc. Be careful not to illustrate anything you didn’t want to illustrate with your hands and fingers. It is best to mirror the interviewers gestures, so you are speaking his her language however also do not mirror any that display authority as this may only be applicable to the interviewer.

Feet pointing

Face your feet towards the person of interest. The feet point to where the body and mind wants to go, be careful not to have your body facing the exit.

Folded Arms

Do not fold your arms no matter how comfortable it feels. It shows that you are disinterested and it also prevents you from learning.

With these tips above you now should be well armed (Please forgive the pun) and ready for the next interview or meeting you may have. Best of luck with it also. For more information on our body language training please see our training options section.

David Alssema
wrote a post on Body Language used within Interviews.

See a Visual Demonstration (Slideshare) on Communication and Body Language Here.

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Customer Service Improving in Workplaces

Customer Service Improving in Workplaces

Why Customer Service Is Improving in Australia

Australia is the lucky country. We have a huge amount of resources and we are surrounded by some of the best beaches around.

In Australia, we have a saying “Its not what you know but who you know” and that is partly true. Have a think about how many of your friends may work at your workplace, and how it may have been who they knew that got them there. Many of us know that job positions are filled even before they manage to get advertised which makes it difficult also for many to find the right job.

With the rough economy many HR managers and employers are now realising the importance of training, and hiring the right staff for the right positions.  With quieter times, many employers are working with a skeleton staff model, and keeping on their vital workers. They are also realising the difference between their business and the one down the street may just be the added service provided as things start to get more competitive in the market. (Depends on which industry you look at)

This reshuffle and focus has become the new customer service era, from online chat, to 24/7 service numbers. Being accessible and ready to help your customers can be the make or break of an unstable business foundation. Even search engines like Google have suggested to create sites for users and not for search engines to improve customer interaction will be a ranking factor in years to come.

(Some further details: News/News/Google_explores_new_metrics,

The days are gone, where you could rely on a good Brand name to get you out of trouble. With more researched, and more tech savvy clients, a business can grow overnight online or as we have seen, others have been destroyed due to bad publicity that has been spread across Facebook in a couple of days. Australia has embraced the online market, and is also competing with the service offered globally. While the economy moves about, many Australians learn that there is one constant that keeps customers coming back… Great Customer Service.

Focusing on your customer, providing great service, and not taking short cuts will help make sure you are in business tomorrow. Quick sales, bad service or one off issues can be made to be tomorrows headlines today.

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