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Assertive Telephone Selling Skills

I hope you like this training session. This is the assertive phone selling module. One of the keys to being successful in selling is knowing everything about questioning and answering questions with the question we looked at this in previous training.

Assertive selling enables you to help people make far more purchasing choices, any other sales strategy. It’s something you’ve observed from the psychology of selling and it is pretty simple essential sales message might be this I’d love to make an appointment to discuss your company’s requirements for my service or product. It’s easy and it can be extremely effective.

A more advanced sales message may be something like this: I feel that our service or product will benefit your organization by outline of the principal benefits. So I want to make an appointment to discuss your company’s requirements for my service or product, it may be any other. Such as, do you prefer to make an appointment to get a rep to see once this has results. I’d like you to consider the following: this is the assertive sales model which uses three components of assertiveness with a revenue twists and here is a good example. I appreciate your very active, however the situation is our online training platform has actually helped our customers, develop their employees and provided a huge return on investment. So I want to discover if it would be convenient to have a conversation with you to see whether our platform is pertinent to your company, would that be fine, so the assertive sales model could be divided up into six component parts.


Let’s look at Part 1, the acknowledgement from the acknowledgement. We’ve got a variety of examples here. I appreciate I know I hear I see I understand that generally I love and that I know will be the ones that you use the most. Let’s look at some acknowledgement. Examples I love that your organization receives many sales calls. I know your company has an action related to your offering. I appreciate that you are a busy person. I hear what you are saying using acknowledgments must be extensive throughout the talks and there may be the words like: okay, all right or further admit met like this. When discussing acknowledgement, it is important that you bear in mind an acknowledgement shows you. You understand the client’s point of view also. You’ve heard them when they talked first theory, it can help you remain in control of the dialogue was giving them the impression that they are in control and for it shows that you are interested in the client and it makes them feel important and worth, all of which are very important to building that client via relationship, let us proceed to point to the term. Nonetheless, this is a very important word that could never be altered from the assertive sales model. It keeps you in control of the dialogue right after the acknowledgement, however, is a more positive word than the exact negative.

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