Apathetic Rude and Unapologetic Customer Service

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Rude Employees

I just switched supermarkets. The checkers and baggers never stop speaking to each other. They totally ignored me until it was time to collect the cash. Just plain rude. The receptionist at my doctor’s office is impolite. It’s how she speaks to me and to the other patients, I am probably going to switch physicians. It is too bad as I love my doctor, but the rude receptionist puts me off.

We hear that phrase rude used a lot apparently more today than ever, and just what constitutes rude behavior. In the first scenario, the checker from the bagger at the supermarket, dismissed the consumer and held a private conversation. The client thought they were rude to dismiss him and in the next example she did not like the way she had been spoken to by the physician’s receptionist. She believed that was rude, so in the first case not speaking cause the perception of rudeness and, in the next case, talking cause the individual to feel as if she was being treated rudely.

Let us see if we can learn some lessons here that we could avoid being thought of as rude. First off. Let us talk about the company effect of being impolite. Rude behavior is the enemy of great customer service. It hurts interaction with both external customers and internal customers. Your co-workers, a lot of surveys agree, but nearly half of those people surveyed had walked from a business or stopped a buy. This was in progress all due to rude customer service.

Could you imagine the billions of dollars which were lost due to that and not actually lost? We ought to say billions of dollars which were sent over to the competition and then there is the bad image that rudeness can create for your whole organization, lost earnings means lost, profits and lost profits, mean lost jobs and an additional thing rudeness between workers has been proven to escalate into violence, this program has a significant message with a great deal of implications by becoming more conscious of what’s perceived as impolite behavior, we could avoid committing these examples that we are going to see now.

Now it is always helpful if we have a clearer comprehension of what we’re talking about.  Currently there are literally tens of thousands of everyday occurrences that individuals perceive as impolite behavior and there is no way. We can cover all of them here now. However, if we have a clear understanding, we will be able to better deal with the issue and prevent having our activities being perceived.


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